Transforming the way we look at trash

Here is the press release sent out today to announce the launch of the new recycling guide, Think Outside The Bin.  We hope to revolutionize the landfills and make Social Recycling a way of life in America.
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“Think Outside the Bin” transforms the way we look at trash 

Charlotte, NC – November 24, 2010 –To celebrate America Recycles Day, Mom-preneurs Tracy S. Himes and Melinda L. Anderson have published a recycling guide, “Think Outside the Bin:  Discard your common household items… Help your neighbor, help your earth”.  This guide provides hundreds of ideas and resources that can help our nation respond to the President’s Proclamation of America Recycles Day, signed November 15, 2010.   It addresses a timely and important message stated in the Proclamation to be “better stewards of our global environment, and to pass down a planet to future generations that is better than we found it”.

Think Outside the Bin covers basic recycling and reuse concepts for common household ‘trash’, but there are also opportunities throughout the book to be a part of “something much bigger than recycling”.  Many of our everyday discards can avoid the landfill AND help a worthy cause.  The guide encourages the practice of Social Recycling – get rid of your unwanted items and be responsible to put them in the next best place, possibly for a greater purpose and with a simultaneous benefit to the planet.

Electronic waste is an incredible challenge in the recycling world and is a specific focus of the President’s Proclamation.  In our 21stcentury high-tech lifestyle, we have an overabundance of electronic equipment, which we replace or upgrade regularly.

Many old televisions, radios, phones and computers have ended up in the landfill, where toxic chemicals and heavy metals can leach out and potentially create environmental hazards. Electronic waste (a.k.a. “e-waste”) contributes to the vast majority of the toxic garbage in our nation’s landfills. It’s important to keep and e-waste out of our landfills and toxic metals (like lead and mercury) out of our groundwater.

There are more than 20 resources in the Electronics category in this guide that provide options for discarding these common household items. Learn how your old electronics can help non-profit efforts for schools, youth centers, libraries and even breast cancer research.  In addition to recycling or donating, you will also find other options, including cash in/trade ideas.  This guide provides many ways to help you, others in need and the planet.

The theory behind “Think Outside the Bin is easy:  simplify, de-clutter, avoid landfills, impact a life and “help your neighbor, help your earth”.


Tracy Himes,, 704-661-2901, or

Melinda Anderson,, 770-595-0893

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