Why we all need this recycling guide!

We’ve done hours and hours of research and now it is available to you in one interactive guide, including options and ideas for over 200 common household items. We’ve checked all the links and provided you with over 450 links, tips and resources to help you discard just about anything. Some of the options available are even better than simply recycling by putting it in the bin or taking it to the local thrift store.

The information you need to dispose of your common household items is just a click away, and we’ve formatted it in an easy-to-follow alphabetical order. Just look for your items in the Table of Contents and click. Then, the choice is yours to make.

We challenge you to “Think Outside the Bin”;

the benefits speak for themselves.

There are both local and worldwide efforts going on right now in need of specific items that you want to discard. Your common items could be put to use in order to help impoverished nations, under-educated children, battered women, needy elderly, and more. As you use the links and information in this book, you will be given the opportunity to reach out and be a part of something so much more important than recycling.


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