The incredible benefits of recycling

What happens when you recycle

and divert usable household items from the landfill?

You reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

You reduce methane emissions from landfills.

You reduce emissions from incinerators.

You reduce emissions from energy consumption.

You save energy from producing goods from virgin materials.

You save fossil fuels.

You increase storage of carbon in trees.

You reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

You help trees to remain unharvested.

You help air, water and land quality.

You help all wildlife with rainforest preservation.

You create a better world for all of humanity.

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2 Responses to The incredible benefits of recycling

  1. Ellen Hughes says:

    You got my attention when you said that recycling can help to improve the quality of air and can reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We have cardboards at home that we’re looking to dispose of. My children are asthmatic, so I understand the value of good air quality. If recycling cardboards can help me to take care of my children’s health. then I will be sure to consider it.

    • Ellen, thank you for your comment. I’m curious and hopeful to hear that your children’s health has improved by making a small change like this. There are many other toxins in our normal environment that contribute to poor indoor air quality (IAQ) and are harmful to us all, but we need to take extra steps, especially for asthmatic children. All of the synthetic cleaners and smelly things – sprays, plug ins, candles – are more harmful to our respiratory systems than we realize. Be Well! Breathe easy…and reach out if you want more information about natural health options at Thank you!

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