Ed Begley, Jr. likes Think Outside The Bin

The comments we have been receiving about Think Outside The Bin have been incredible!

Ed Begley, Jr.  said, “This is a fantastic resource! It’s important to regularly purge yourself of all the excess “stuff” that we all accumulate, but where does it all go? Thank you for giving us all some guidance with these important matters.” 

Ed Begley, Jr. is known in Hollywood as an environmental leader, actor, and together with his wife Rachelle hosted the reality show ‘Living With Ed’ on Planet Green.

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1 Response to Ed Begley, Jr. likes Think Outside The Bin

  1. Verde Mom says:

    Ed Begley, Jr was described by long-time friend, Bobby Kennedy, Jr. like this:
    “Ed has a greater sense of social obligation than anyone I know.” It makes me very proud that he agrees that we have written a “fantastic resource” given his knowledge and dedication to the environment.

    He currently lives in a self-sufficient home powered by solar energy and has been known to show up at Hollywood events riding his bicycle… I love that!

    Ed has received awards from some of the most prestigious environmental groups in the nation, including the California League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, The Coalition for Clean Air, Heal the Bay and the Santa Monica Baykeeper.

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