Donate video games to a great cause


Donate Games was born in 2006 when the founders son suffered from Leukemia. Donate Games was founded with the hope of becoming the world’s trusted recyclers of video games for helping others. In the past year Donate Games has donated over $100K to help ease suffering and given 20,000 games to sick kids. Gamers and Game companies donate their new and used video games. The charity has been featured in thousands of articles including Oprah’s magazine, partnered with Cancer foundations, Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Corporate sponsors include EA, X box , The UPS stores and Digital River. If you have video games that you no longer play, send them into Donate Games, receive a tax donation, and know that your efforts have gone to help deserving families. Then, replenish your collection by heading to, where you can shop through a wide selection of great new and used video games.

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