Event leftovers bring cheer to those who receive them

Recycling Event Leftovers

Special E delivers leftovers for recycling or repurposing


Special E is a unique green business that helps make meetings, banquets, parties, weddings, and special events both environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible by rescuing items that are left over from such programs and recycling them in ways that benefit our planet and people in need. The items they rescue include food, flowers, centerpieces, décor, recyclables, meeting supplies, and more. Following an event, they deliver these materials to family shelters, soup kitchens, relief agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, charities and non-profit organizations. Items not being donated are repurposed by artisans into handmade goods and pieces of art. They currently have “Rescue Squads” in 30 major markets throughout North America who have brought food, cheer and supplies to over 50,000 people and have repurposed thousandSpecial E logos of materials into other useful products.


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