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Light Bulb recycling kits help dispose of bulbs responsibly

THINK GREEN FROM HOME Waste Management is offering a “Think Green From Home” program, where you buy a compact fluorescent light bulb recycling kit (a box selling for $16.95), and hold onto the box until it is full (it holds … Continue reading

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Get Organized Month gift for you

To wrap up Get Organized Month, we’re giving all new subscribers  to this blog a FREE copy of our handy, dandy, 152-page interactive resource guide, Think Outside The Bin: Discard your common household items… Help your neighbor, help your earth. … Continue reading

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Donate a bridal gown and help terminal cancer patients

MAKING MEMORIES AND BRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER You can donate your old, gently used wedding gown to a great cause, Making Memories and Brides Against Breast Cancer, instead of letting it take up closet space and collect moths. The thousands of … Continue reading

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Help families in need with donated artwork

COLLECTIBLES WITH CAUSES Collectibles With Causes is a nonprofit organization that accepts your donation of paintings, photographic images, sculptures, carvings, lithographs, watercolors and other artwork to help families and communities in need.

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Donate cell phones and plant a tree!

Today is Data Privacy Day, so when you are ready to donate cell phones, remember first to remove all private photos, texts and contacts.  Read more… FLIP SWAP Flip Swap will pay you a small amount of cash; if your … Continue reading

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Donate new backpacks to help a child

GIVE A KID A BACKPACK Have you ever received a backpack as a gift that was just not your style? Do you have any “freebie” backpacks in your closet advertising a sports league you once participated in? You can clear … Continue reading

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Battery Collection sites make it easy to recycle rechargeable batteries

CALL2RECYCLE Did you realize that many states and federal laws require rechargeable batteries to be recycled?  Call 2 Recycle just announced a record-breaking 6.7 million pounds of rechargeable batteries collected in 2010.  It is free and easy to recycle your used rechargeable … Continue reading

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Donate computers to help schools, animals and children

COMPUTERS WITH CAUSES Computers with Causes provides a way to help a school lab or library, foster home, animal shelter or community center, while you get a tax deduction and a free vacation (no sales gimmick).

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Support environmental education with donated building materials

BUILD IT GREEN! Build It Green (BIG) takes your unwanted and good condition building materials, wood, doors, appliances, plumbing fixtures and windows, and offer them at discounted prices for resale. In 2008, they kept 450 tons of materials out of … Continue reading

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Phones, cameras and iPods are easy to donate to charity

RECYCLING FOR CHARITIES Recycling for Charities recycles your old electronic devices and makes a donation to a charity (you choose from a list on their website) for each item you collect and send to them. They accept digital cameras, PDAs, … Continue reading

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