January is Get Organized Month

NAPO Get Organized BannerJanuary 2011 is the National Association of Professional Organizers’ seventh annual Get Organized (GO) Month, and NAPO Organizers teach you how to get organized and reduce clutter, which can result in saving time, money and increased productivity.

A recent survey by NAPO indicates that 96% of respondents feel that they could gain more time at home if they were better organized, and 91% claimed the same in their professional lives.

Think Outside the Bin offers tons of resources to help you get organized in every room of the house, from trophies and cages, to shoes and clothing, even eyeglasses and dentures.  When you clear the clutter and “Socially Recycle” your unwanted items, your home gets organized and big-hearted organizations get much needed items to support their cause.


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3 Responses to January is Get Organized Month

  1. Michelle Braxton says:

    This is a great idea!

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