Get Organized Month gift for you

To wrap up Get Organized Month, we’re giving all new subscribers Think Outside The Bin cover to this blog a FREE copy of our handy, dandy, 152-page interactive resource guide, Think Outside The Bin: Discard your common household items… Help your neighbor, help your earth.

You may share this link with friends but the free book is only available until January 31, 2011! So, hurry and subscribe!

Ed Begley, Jr., Actor and Environmentalist said, “This is a fantastic resource! It’s important to regularly purge yourself of all the excess ‘stuff’ that we all accumulate, but where does it all go? Thank you for giving us all some guidance with these important matters.

Think Outside The Bin is a directory of website links to people and organizations that collect things like shoes, cell phones, electronics, backpacks, costumes, trophies, movies, musical instruments… over 154 items! You’ll find creative ways to recycle, donate or sell the common everyday-items busy families have to discard. This guide gives you the opportunity to reach out and be a part of something so much more important than recycling. We call it “Social Recycling.

Think Outside The Bin is a great resource if:

  • You need to part with a lot of miscellaneous “stuff”
  • You are transitioning to a simplified lifestyle with fewer possessions
  • You want to sell some things and make some extra cash
  • You want to donate items and take a tax deduction
  • You are looking for an easy way to help a charitable organization
  • You need a “fun raising” idea for your favorite non-profit or school
  • You want to do the RESPONSIBLE thing with your stuff and help your neighbor, help your earth.

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to get organized, grab a free copy of Think Outside The Bin by becoming a subscriber (sign up is on the top right of this page). Make 2011 the year you get organized!

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7 Responses to Get Organized Month gift for you

  1. Melissa Reidling says:


  2. JennB says:

    How do we get this book for free? I have subscribed, but there is no link to download it. Does it come via email? I am looking forward to reading it! Thank you!

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  4. Thanks I have linked your very important information to my blog today!
    Patsy McCaw-Yager

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