Recycle Sharpie markers, Paper Mate and Expo pens


TerraCycle will take your old Sharpie Markers, Paper Mate and Expo pens and upcycle them into interesting products they sell. Just sign up for the their new brigade titled “writing instruments,” (details are found on this website page) and collect with your community, church or school. You will receive 2 cents for each marker or pen; a great fundraiser that keeps millions of pens out of the landfill each year!

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3 Responses to Recycle Sharpie markers, Paper Mate and Expo pens

  1. Lisa says:

    I can’t find the place on their website where this school opportunity is offered.

  2. Marcus S says:

    Great blog I enjoyed readingg

  3. Noah Enholm says:

    The marker’s plastic body and cap make it suitable for recycling and upcycling projects of any kind.
    Anyone can participate by mailing used markers back to the manufacturers that support recycling or by donating old pens and markers that are still in good condition.

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