Smoke detectors last 10 years

Did You Know?Smoke Detector

Most smoke detectors last only 10 years and contain radioactive Americium 241, so send dead ones back to the manufacturers like these:


Send First Alert, BRK and Family Guard Smoke Detectors to: BRK Brands, 25 Spur Drive, El Paso, TX 79906, (800) 323-9005. On the front of the package, write “For Disposal.” Up to 5 smoke alarms are accepted for free.


Ship American Sensors and Dicon Smoke Detectors by surface mail to: Dicon Inc., 20 Steelcase Road West, Unit #3, Markham, Ontario L3R 1B2, Canada, (800) 387-4219. On the front of the package, write “For Recycling, $0 Value.”

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