Clear out toxic hazardous waste for National Cleaning Week

For National Cleaning Week, consider cleaning out cabinets and discarding old, toxic cleaners!

Any label that states a product is corrosive, flammable, or toxic is considered hazardous.  Hazardous waste consists of household and electronic products that contain dangerous chemicals or heavy metals.  They should be disposed of properly, with the help of your local Hazardous Waste Facility.  Never put old cleaners and products in the landfill, or the chemicals will poison our soils and water supplies.  Most jurisdictions have a drop off service that accepts hazardous waste at no cost, contact your local facility for the location and collection dates.  Be responsible for your toxic trash!

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2 Responses to Clear out toxic hazardous waste for National Cleaning Week

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  2. I didn’t know that these types of products should be handled differently when being disposed. I usually just pour old cleaners down the sink and throw away the container. I realize that that’s probably not the best way to get rid of them. I’ll be sure to find a hazardous waste service to take care of them next time.

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