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A place for old nail polish

A PLACE FOR MOM Don’t throw away those old, half-used nail polish bottles or old clippers, etc.  Instead, consider donating them to a local nursing home near you, for use in their beauty parlor.  A Place For Mom will help you … Continue reading

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How to clean up CFL light bulbs

Did You Know? The mercury from one fluorescent bulb can pollute 6,000 gallons of water beyond safe levels for drinking. Energy Star, the international standard for energy efficient consumer products, has a free downloadable fact sheet about how to clean … Continue reading

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What number plastics can I recycle?

Did You Know? Community curbside recycling programs often accept plastic containers marked “1” or “2” on the bottom. Rules for other plastics vary wildly from place to place. Seattle advises residents to ignore altogether the numbers stamped on container bottoms … Continue reading

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Go Green with Green Waste composting

GREEN WASTE The Green Waste website lists everything you need to start composting today, right in your city backyard or apartment—regardless of how little space you have. Improve your garden, window boxes and plant beds by recycling all your household … Continue reading

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Reuse old phone books in new ways

YELLOW PAGES Check out the state locator to see where you can go in your area, then feel good that your old phone books are made into animal bedding, home insulation and much more.

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Smoke detectors last 10 years

Did You Know? Most smoke detectors last only 10 years and contain radioactive Americium 241, so send dead ones back to the manufacturers like these: FIRST ALERT Send First Alert, BRK and Family Guard Smoke Detectors to: BRK Brands, 25 … Continue reading

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Wrap them in love with donated quilts

WRAP THEM IN LOVE Wrap Them in Love collects quilts and sends them to children in need around the world and here in the U.S.  They prefer homemade, new quilts and you can view photo galleries of donations dating back … Continue reading

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Tax deduction for stamp collections

COLLECTIBLES WITH CAUSES Your stamp collections can be donated to Collectibles with Causes, a faith-based organization where they are dedicated to meeting the needs of those in crisis. Fill out the online form and they will provide the paperwork to … Continue reading

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Bowling Balls upcycled into Mosaic Art

CHUNKS OF GLASS At Chunks of Glass, they supply the information, step-by-step instructions and list the tools and preparation needed to transform your old bowling ball into a beautiful piece of mosaic art. This is not a donation opportunity, but … Continue reading

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PVC shower curtain danger

Did You Know? Shower curtains and liners often are made from vinyl, which contains PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and recycling PVC is dangerous. Putting PVC into our landfills is the toxic choice. Find another use for it until it can’t be … Continue reading

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