Ode to Paper

Today’s Think Outside The Bin post is a poem about paper by Anna Fleig. As you clean off your desk this week, remember to recycle all the papers you no longer need.

Papers, Papers, PapersPapers, papers, papers

I cannot seem to concentrate.

These piles of papers fill my plate.

They grow so high atop each other;

they multiply, my desk they smother.

I can’t seem to think of how

to make them go away just now

because my focus is not here.

I wish they would just disappear.

They grow and grow and grow and grow,

they creep up on me nice and slow.

I fight them off one by one

but never is the battle done.

Every morning they await,

snickering at my daily fate,

to tease me just a little bit

then show me how they can outwit.

For here’s the secret that I’ve found…

when all the lights have been turned down

they gather up and march outside

to meet the rest of their tribe.

And then the magic soon begins.

They dance and sing and twirl and spin

and fall into a lovely heap

until they finally fall asleep.

And when the new day starts to dawn

they awake and scurry on.

It doesn’t matter where they go,

the offices are equal foes.

They laugh at how confused we are.

“This isn’t where this was before.”

“I think I might just lose my mind.”

“Do you see what I can’t find?”

These papers taunt and tease me so.

I know they will not ever go.

I fall victim to their ploy.

My focus they seek to destroy.

                      –by Anna Fleig

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