Meet us at Charlotte Clean and Green Festival

Charlotte brings its “Clean and Green” event to CPCC downtown, where you can meet usTOTB Banner this Saturday, April 16th, 2011 (10am to 4pm, rain or shine).

Turn Clutter into Cash!

We will have our Think Outside the Bin book on CD for you to purchase at the special price of only $4.00 at this event!

Think Outside the Bin includes 450+ resources for recycling, donating and selling common household items…all in a handy CD at a low price.  You can “Help Your Neighbor…Help Your Earth”!

The Charlotte Clean and Green festival is a jam packed day full of entertainment, food and fun, plus environmental education sessions and local green resources.

There will be tents for Hands-on Learning emphasizing home and community gardening, activities for kids and teens, and fresh local food choices prepared by Charlotte culinary students and professional chefs.

By visiting the vendor booths, you can learn how to save natural resources + save money, create economic opportunity and focus on healthy living.

Throughout the day, the legendary John Tosco will provide music and entertainment. Clean out your closets and bring those old electronics…Goodwill will be on site to collect all electronics free of charge, making it easy to keep your e-waste out of the landfills!

Clean and Green Festival address:  1201 Elizabeth Avenue, Charlotte, NC  28204

See you there!

–Melinda and Tracy

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