Don’t laugh, dentures can be donated!


NewEyes for the Needy no longer accepts donations of dentures.

Today is International Moment of Laughter Day, so get out those teeth!

Ever wonder what you can do with old dentures? Those old teeth don’t need to sink into the landfill!

Please ASK your local dentist, dental or nursing schools…because the source we found NO LONGER ACCEPTS DENTURES ):

HOWEVER, New Eyes for the Needy does accept other donations, just mail them to the warehouse in NJ in padded envelopes or boxes, and the cost of shipping is tax-deductible, for any of the items below:

  • plastic eyeglasses
  • sunglasses in good condition
  • metal eyeglasses in any condition
  • hearing aids
  • pairs of prescription lenses
  • watches
  • silver and gold jewelry
  • costume jewelry
  • silverware
  • giftware

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13 Responses to Don’t laugh, dentures can be donated!

  1. Julie Bestry says:

    I’m trying not to laugh (or to laugh, depending on what we’re really supposed to do), but I’m tickled that the dentures get sent to New Eyes for the Needy, as I keep thinking that maybe they just want the “eye teeth”. OK, I’ll chortle to myself from now on. 🙂

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  3. Unfortunately, New Eyes for the Needy is no longer able to accept
    donations of dentures.

  4. slywlf says:

    I hadn’t noticed the note above, but before spending the $$ or risking scaring the heck out of some hapless clerk I decided to email them and ask. They sent me the following polite response;
    That web information is incorrect. We do not accept dentures as donations.
    New Eyes

  5. Rose says:

    a place in Japan recycles old dentures for needy children

  6. Rose says:

    also maybe nursing schools or dental schools would use them for practice

  7. Kris Ledbetter says:

    Do you still accept sets of dentures?

  8. jennie walls says:

    would like to donate my moms dentures to some one or and organization.

    • Verde Mom says:

      Sorry, Jennie, our source stopped taking dentures. If we find another source, we’ll post it. You may want to ask your local dentist for ideas. Thanks for thinking outside the bin!!

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