Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day paradeApril 22nd is Earth Day, a globally celebrated holiday to honor our planet earth. Events are being held all over the world the inspire awareness and appreciation for our earth’s natural environment.

Earth Day 2011 is themed A BILLION ACTS OF GREEN: Help save the planet, one act at a time, declare your act of green.

The Earth Day Network invites you to declare an act of green on their Facebook page. To date, over 100 million simple Acts of Green have been declared: I will plant a garden, get a home energy audit, eliminate the use of toxic pesticides and cleaning products, change all my light bulbs to LED, organize a coat drive, stop drinking water out of plastic bottles, wash laundry in cold water, replace a disposable product with a reusable one, etc., etc. — the list of simple green changes you can make is endless!

Meet the Think Outside The Bin authors Tracy Himes and Melinda Anderson Saturday April 23nd from 10:00am – 4:00pm at GREENING UP THE MOUNTAINS in Downtown Sylva, NC.

Vendors at the festival will include local artisans, community organizations, children’s activities, environmental education groups, Catch the Spirit of Appalachia’s youth talent contest and food vendors.

This year’s festival has three main focuses: environmental sustainability,importance of a strong local economy, and revival of native and heritage crafts and traditions. Stop by and see us in Booth C4.

Get outside on Earth Day: All 394 U.S. National Parks have free admission now through Sunday April 24th. (NOTE: Many of our National Parks never charge an entrance fee but the 100+ that do will let you visit for free this week).   

Have a great green day!

Help your neighbor, help your earth.

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