Most magazines sadly avoid the recycling process


The Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) want us all to know that yes, most magazines are absolutely recyclable…but beware of those glossy inserts, they may be troublesome. The MPA has created 2 logos for magazines that you will start to notice, one will say “Please Recycle this Magazine” and one will say, “Please Remove Samples or Inserts Before Recycling”.

Their recycling campaign is a push to “Go the Extra Mile, Recycle Your Pile” and keep millions of worthy pages out of the landfill.

According to MPA, only about 20 percent of magazines are recycled from the home, even though the majority of Americans have access to magazine recycling in their community.  It’s easy to recycle magazines, once you are done with them… and your simple effort makes a huge impact!  The more magazines we recycle, the more trees we save.  Tissue paper and newspapers are perfect for using recycled paper, and there’s no reason to keep tossing these luxuries into the landfills, only to cut down a tree and make the next batch.  Once you have read your favorite magazine, shared it with a friend, cut out inspirational pictures and words for a “vision board”, simply toss it into the recycle bin! 

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