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Ways to Recycle Medicine Bottles

RECYCLE NATION   What to do with all those plastic medicine bottles? With healthcare costs rising, the bottles are a growing landfill concern. In the U.S., about $1 out of every $6 spent is on healthcare!   Medicine bottles scatter … Continue reading

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Recycle Product Packaging and Food Wrappers

TERRACYCLE Terracycle collects product packaging such as drink pouches and food wrappers through their brigade programs. These typically non-recyclable items are used to create cool products like backpacks, pencil cases, and tote bags. Participants in the brigade program can ship the items … Continue reading

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Rare medals rarely recycled, but very valuable

Rarely do you need to get rid of war medals or other military antiques and collectibles, as they are a honorable thing to pass onto future generations…but if you find some, or need to get rid of some, or for … Continue reading

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Give a Kid a Backpack

GIVE A KID A BACKPACK   Have you ever received a backpack as a gift that was just not your style? Do you have any “freebie” backpacks in your closet advertising a sports league you once participated in? Give a … Continue reading

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Charlotte Clean and Green Festival rescheduled for Sunday, April 17th

Charlotte Clean and Green Festival was originally scheduled for today, but has been rescheduled for tomorrow, April 17, 2011 due to the weather forecast. Meet the Think Outside The Bin authors Tracy Himes and Melinda Anderson tomorrow from 10:00am – … Continue reading

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Ride the Recycling Wave

Resurf Recycle was created to raise awareness about manufacturing waste that arises from creating a new surfboard as well as the waste that a broken surfboard generates in the environment. ReSurf accepts old surfboard donations and will arrange for pick up (current locations … Continue reading

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Don’t laugh, dentures can be donated!

You don’t have to wait until International Moment of Laughter Day, to recycle old teeth! Ever wonder what you can do with dentures, or how to recycle gold crowns? Those old teeth don’t need to sink into the landfill! According to … Continue reading

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Meet us at Charlotte Clean and Green Festival

Charlotte brings its “Clean and Green” event to CPCC downtown, where you can meet us this Saturday, April 16th, 2011 (10am to 4pm, rain or shine). Turn Clutter into Cash! We will have our Think Outside the Bin book on … Continue reading

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No more wire hangers (in the trash)

Did You Know? Wire hangers may not appeal to Joan Crawford, but they have their purpose. We haven’t found a good online source for recycling hangers, but we have some ideas for keeping hangers out of the landfill: 1. Most … Continue reading

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EPA helps determine how to dispose of hazardous waste

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Find lists of how to dispose of just about anything hazardous at the government agency’s website for the Environmental Protection Agency. Hazardous Waste includes items such as adhesives, aerosol cans, ammunition, antifreeze, batteries (car and home-use), brake … Continue reading

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