Cosmetic Database will convince you to recycle toxic products

CosmeticsAre your cosmetics safe?  Check all your products simply by going to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website, at You will be amazed at the ingredients and toxins in most everyday commercial brand soaps, lotions, face care and makeup.  When you see a rating of 5 or higher, it’s time to find a more natural alternative!

Once you’ve picked your jaw up off the floor, gather your senses and get rid of the old favorites…you’ll love the new ones even more.  But, you don’t want to dump the toxic stuff, so what should you do with those allergens, pesticides and formaldehyde-ridden bottles?  Here are some suggestions:


At Origins, they accept empty cosmetic containers of ANY brand. Just take them to your nearest retail store; they recycle the containers for energy recovery in the interest of keeping them out of landfills.


Aveda accepts Aveda containers; just check your local listings. Try your local Aveda Institute as well, if you have their products and are trying to recycle unused portions.


Return your MAC Cosmetics to a retail counter (or online) and they’ll give you a FREE lipstick as their thanks for recycling.

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