Donate Furniture Locally


Bedroom furnitureYour donation of used furniture provides families in need with necessary home furnishings. Items needed include:

           mattresses, box springs, bed frames
           dressers, chests, armoires, mirrors, night stands, tv stands
           dining tables and chairs
           cribs, changing tables, highchairs
           buffets, hutches, china cabinets
           coffee tables, sofa tables, end tables
           sofas, loveseats, armchairs, ottomans
           lamps, kitchenware, linens, microwave ovens

At the National Furniture Bank’s website, enter your zip code for a list of the furniture bank donation locations near you. Many offer pick up service from your home.

The mission of the National Furniture Bank Association is to assure that no child in America has to sleep on the floor.  Each night in America, hundreds of thousands of people sleep in places not meant for human habitation, or in homes without the basic essential furnishings needed to turn an empty house into a home.  40% of that population is children.  Members of the National Furniture Bank Association around the country provide beds, tables, chairs and other crucial home furnishings to over 100,000 people each year.  The NFBA exists to assist those furniture banks in their mission to serve those in need.


According to EPA reports, between 1960 and 2001, furniture dumped into the landfill grew from 2.2 million tons a year to 8.1 million tons!

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1 Response to Donate Furniture Locally

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    My name is janet I have custody of my two grandsons! They are wonderful! Unfortunately my health has not been well… iam in need of some things. But iam on ssi so unfortunately what I get each month only pays for the bills! The boys have been wanting and deserve a wooden swing set! And since I am not able to take them to the park or anywhere I would be so GRATEFUL to anyone who may have one they would like to donate? I also could use some advice on where I might go to get help (donation) for the boys? They are in need of clothes for school ect.. I have been blessed that I have not had to ask for HELP. But because I am having to take chemo again. I ask because they are my WORLD! And they are such GOOD boys i feel as though they deserve all that they need! Well if anyone that reads this and feels as though they may be able to help me .? PLEASE feel free to call me at (336) 618-5424 or email is. we live in king and. Thank you and God Bless you Janet

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