Think Outside the Bin has it’s radio debut

Matt, Ramona and Tracy Himes

Matt & Ramona from 107.9 The Link with Tracy Himes

Social Recycling is featured on The Satisfied Life Network.

The Satisfied Life Network, on 107.9 The Link Radio Show featured “Think Outside The Bin” and interviewed Tracy Himes as the co-author.  Go to the audio clip and you’re bound to get a chuckle!  Ramona Holloway, Pam Stone and Sharon Decker are all very entertaining, quite funny and wonderfully witty.  The topic of Social Recycling is discussed in a bit of comic relief…and you’ll get an understanding of how easy it is to “Help Your Neighbor, Help Your Earth” when you discard common household items for a better cause.

(Fast forward the audio clip to 20:00 minutes to listen only to our segment).

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