Recycle Your Old Trampoline

DID YOU KNOW?Backyard trampoline

The bounce mats used for most trampolines are made from woven polypropylene and that material is recyclable – it’s a #5 plastic – so is, in theory, recyclable wherever #5 plastic is collected. The trampoline frame and springs can be recycled for steel scrap at a local metal scrap yard.

But, why not find a creative way to keep it and use the components! Do you need a garden? Outdoor seating area? Swinging Bed?

Recycle This from the United Kingdom has some clever and creative ideas on what to ‘up-cycle’ your trampoline into for reuse:

Other DIY ideas include some additional thinking outside the bin!

Outdoor Living Area transformed from Trampoline to Outdoor Ambiance Seating Area: Trampoline’s jumping surface is made into a weed mat, metal circular frame is used for edging and accent lighting and springs are painted for decoration. Et Voila’ short video found at has a SWINGING BED made from an old trampoline.


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3 Responses to Recycle Your Old Trampoline

  1. Love your ideas on recycling I am a Professional Organizer (16 years and counting) and have forwarded your posts to many of my clients. You always mention the most unique items to recycle!

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  3. Matthew Goreczny says:

    I made a roof over my fire pit out of my old 14′ trampoline frame. Check out my Facebook page.

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