Donate, Trade or Recycle Vacuum Cleaners


It is not easy to get rid of a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck! Some companies will take your old vacuum cleaners and donate or recycle them appropriately, but the simple act of recycling a vacuum can be challenging. Here are some options for you when disposing of vacuum cleaners properly.


Located in the Chantilly, Virginia area, GoVacuum has a sustainable heart for vacuum cleaners and their parts! To recycle your old vacuum and avoid the landfill, send your machine to GoVacuum and they will ensure proper recycling with their 99% no-landfill policy. They are setting the standard for the industry. Their partnership with Forever Green Recycling helps make the best use of repairable vacuums and assures the proper disposal of retired vacuum cleaners.

To top if off, you will have a TREE IN BRAZIL’S ATLANTIC FOREST planted in your name just for recycling a vacuum cleaner with GoVacuum.


Click on the link below and enter your zip code to find retailers in your area that can be contacted for recycling policies and procedures.

If no other options seem feasible, ask your County Recycling center or Town Manager for their advice on proper disposal of appliances. Most jurisdictions have available resources to help their community keep e-waste out of the landfill.

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