Landfill statistics and Zero Waste America

If you lived in America in 1960, you generated about 2.68 pounds of waste a day.
By 1970, we averaged 3.25 pounds per Oak Grove Sanitary Landfillperson, and when the 21st Century started, we were on our way to 5 pounds per day. Each of us, on average, managed a 100% increase in 1/2 of a lifetime!
In spite of new recycling efforts, only 29% of waste was recycled in our earlier years.  By the year 2008, we were recycling about 46% of our waste.  Do the math and you’ll agree: yes, we’ve made progress since the baby boomers…BUT we have a long way to go because of the sheer increase in garbage that we generate these days.
The goal of Zero Waste America depends on “ordinary people who lead by example and transition to a lifestyle that protects human health and the environment”.
Here are some basic steps to making a difference:
  • GET RID of things you don’t really want or need.
  • KEEP consumption at a minimum; avoid toxins, imports and shopping
  • PROMOTE organic products, support local farmers, home made wares and hand- crafted items from artisans
  • SUPPORT clean energy and alternative methods of energy production. 

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