Cash is king for common collections

old booksAt Think Outside The Bin, we love to promote Social Recycling to “Help Your Neighbor…Help Your Earth”. Many household cast-aways are great candidates for Social Recycling, as the most responsible way to pass on those items.  But we also understand that many items are hard to part with and donate…or just too valuable to watch go out the door, especially in hard times when we need the CASH much more than the good will.

You may find that your own cabinets and closets are filled with “opportunities”…gems that can useful for paying a few bills!  If you can part with them, think “quick and easy cash in hand”:

 Collections – Antiques – Advertising Memorabilia – Sports Memorabilia – Electronics – Books – CDs, DVDs – Costume and Fine Jewelry

Do a search in our categories for your ‘common items’ and get some ideas, and stay tuned for future posts as more cash opportunities arise!

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