Recycle CDs, DVDs, Video Games, and Vinyl LPs for CASH

CDs in boxNeed extra cash?

CASH FOR CDS  Sell CDs, DVDs, Video Games, and Vinyl LPs in three easy steps at Cash for CDs:

  1. Get a quote
  2. Send in your disks
  3. Receive your payment via PayPal 

Just want to recycle your old technology properly?

RECYCLE CDs, DVDs and packaging, InkJet cartridges, Cell Phones, small electronics, mp3 players, chargers, Floppy disks, computer cables, printer cables, extension cords, and Christmas lights at CD Recycling Center:



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23 Responses to Recycle CDs, DVDs, Video Games, and Vinyl LPs for CASH

  1. joe says:

    I have some CDs cassettes & VHS tapes that I’m wanting to sell & could use some help

  2. bernadette jimkoski says:

    Do you still buy cassettes? I have many to get rid of. Being transford and cannot take them with me. No room.

    Thank you.

  3. I have lots of cassettes and cases to get rid of. Hope to recycle. Can you help?
    Please reply.

  4. robert says:

    This site does not buy I typed in 30 movies i have and it said it was not buying ayn of them

  5. Marianne Ferenchak says:

    do you buy cassette tapes?

  6. James Browning says:

    Hello my name is James Browning and I have over 300 vhs tape in there box and I would like to sell them. Please contact me at 434-532-5438

  7. THEO says:


  8. Merna Sabas says:

    Hi.i have a lot of vhs tape can i sell it .call 925 2504681

  9. Mark Feinman says:

    I have a lot of unwanted Beta and VHS tapes. Do you take and pay cash for them?

  10. Dani wood says:

    Hi – I have a lot of cassette tapes in great condition and vinyl records too – and a whole cabinet full of vhs movies -are they worth anything? Thanks!

  11. Dani wood says:

    I also have a Lot Of Music Cds in great shape

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  13. ed says:

    do you sell vhs tapes?

  14. Kenny says:

    I Have 1,66 VHS Tapes To Sell. Is There Anyone Interested In The Whole Lot. Selling The Lot For 500.00. About 50 Cent For Each One. Call Kenny At 1-978-539-8400.

  15. Jenny Buck says:

    I have a lot of cassette tapes I want to sell, Can you help me? Call 724 813 1198

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  17. gabriel says:

    i will sell over 2000 cd ass. for 100 bucks you pay shiping or pick up. 602-269-5675

  18. Elaine Day says:

    looking for a buyer for old cassettes. a cassette box, 2 vinyl 78 records, a single 45 , dvd’s,

  19. Brady Knapp says:

    Appreciate this blog poost

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