Take It To The Computer Recycling Center


In several cities in California, Computer Recycling Center will accept used electronics for re-use or recycling. They look for the highest and best re-use of computer and electronic equipment, and recycle unusable items to keep them out of landfills.

Drop-Off: ALL computers and electronics – working and nonworking: Computers, Network, Telephone, Cellphone, Office Electronics, Industrial Electronics, warehouse overstocks of parts & equipment , TVs, cable, circuit boards, batteries. (Recycling for Computers, Laptops, Electronics, eWaste, and eRecycling) Scrap computers and parts are reduced to recyclable metal, plastic, P.C.Board, and cable and GREEN environmentally recycled.  Electronics Recycling AND Computer Recycling.

Printers / Copiers / UPS with batteries installed:
1-49 pounds = No Charge with computer, monitor, or laptop drop off;
50-100 lb.=$20.; 01-150 lb.=$40.; 151-250lb.=$100.; microwaves=$5.


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  4. I help and support computer recycling. It does Mother Earth a big favor. I actually helps our environment a lot. Thank you for sharing such helpful information. I will be sharing this to others. Keep sharing very helpful articles. =)

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