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How do you recycle balloons?

What are balloons made of and how can you responsibly dispose of them? Latex: Standard balloons are made from latex, an organic material, made from the sap of a rubber tree.  These balloons are biodegradable and decompose rapidly.   Good news … Continue reading

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Common objects repurposed at local art studio

You just never know what common items you have around the house that can be repurposed into beautiful new items!  Concord, NC native Jessica Garmon opened a recycling art studio recently, naming it “Trashed”.  Her creative ideas are inspiring others … Continue reading

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Landfill statistics and Zero Waste America

If you lived in America in 1960, you generated about 2.68 pounds of waste a day. By 1970, we averaged 3.25 pounds per person, and when the 21st Century started, we were on our way to 5 pounds per day. … Continue reading

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Donated furniture, picked up free, can help 150 adult rehab centers

SALVATION ARMY The Salvation Army will provide free pick up for most large furniture items. The items you donate are sold to the public and 82% of the proceeds help fund more than 150 adult rehabilitation centers across the United … Continue reading

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Give classic old t-shirts a new life

HIDE YOUR ARMS We all have old t-shirts that we just can’t part with, for sentimental purposes. Hide Your Arms has great re-use and recycling ideas on ways to use these old t-shirts. From rugs, to pet clothes, yoga pants, … Continue reading

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Costco members have easy electronic exchange program

COSTCO If you are a Costco member, they make it even more profitable and easy to dispose of electronics; in exchange, you will get a cash card good for anything at Costco warehouses or online. Costco has partnered with Gazelle … Continue reading

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Donated computers are refurbished and given to students in need

PC’S FOR SCHOOLS  PC’s for Schools will take your donated computer equipment, rebuild it,  and then give it to non-profits and schools, recycling all unused parts. They are in the Chicago, IL area and accept equipment from corporations (large and … Continue reading

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Death to Junk Mail and Phone Books!

Junk mail is such a waste! Consider these facts: Americans throw away 44 % of their junk mail and only half gets recycled! We pay $370 million each year to dispose of junk mail that is not recycled. 19 billion … Continue reading

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Recycle Wires

EARTH 911 Wires of all types are recyclable, you just need to find out where to take them in your area. Earth 911 can help make your search easier. On the home page of Earth 911, enter the item “wire” … Continue reading

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Donate, Trade or Recycle Vacuum Cleaners

PROPER DISPOSAL OF VACUUM CLEANERS It is not easy to get rid of a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck! Some companies will take your old vacuum cleaners and donate or recycle them appropriately, but the simple act of recycling a … Continue reading

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