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Donate a Bicycle to Youth Programs

Bicycle programs are prevalent throughout the US and Canada and due to the size and complexity of shipping a bike, donations are best made at the local level. Here are two links that list over 25 bicycle programs for you to contact … Continue reading

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Find Buyers for Sports Collectibles

SPORTS BUY Merchandise that would be considered a collector’s item, such as baseball cards (and all sports cards), vintage balls, autographed items, can be found at Sports Buy, where they can provide an online auction for these types of sports … Continue reading

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Tips for Recycling Fire Extinguishers

DID YOU KNOW? If the fire extinguisher is empty, simply remove the head and recycle the body (which is typically made of steel). If the fire extinguisher is full, it needs to be treated as hazardous waste and disposed of … Continue reading

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Scrap Old Extension Cords

DID YOU KNOW? Broken extension cords can be recycled at area Best Buy stores in their electronic recycling kiosk. To take recycling one step further, you can strip off the outer casing and get down to the metal wires inside and take … Continue reading

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Golf Ball Recycling

DIXON GOLF DID YOU KNOW? You can recycle any brand golf ball at a participating Dixon Golf retailer (check the store locator on their website) and can earn a credit of up to $6.00 per dozen to use toward the purchase of Dixon … Continue reading

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Artists Looking for Items to Upcycle into Art

WonderRoot is a community arts center serving a wide variety of artists in a number of media. WonderRoot is an Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization committed to uniting artists and community to inspire positive social change. WonderRoot Creative Reuse is … Continue reading

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Donate Coloring Books

Children who love to color don’t care if the book is new or not, so there’s never an excuse for throwing these away half filled. Some of us adults even enjoy coloring in times of stress. There’s still joy left … Continue reading

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Medical Equipment Donations Accepted By MDA

MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ASSOCIATION MDA accepts donations of gently used wheelchairs, walkers, communication devices, first-aid supplies, etc. which helps MDA direct its other resources to children and adults with neuromuscular diseases and helps the research efforts and nationwide aid programs that … Continue reading

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Concert Posters Are Highly Collectible

DID YOU KNOW? Advertising memorabilia and vintage advertising items are highly collectible due to their beautiful artwork and charming designs. Advertising memorabilia comes in a variety of forms from posters and signs to ashtrays and drink coasters. So, what’s in … Continue reading

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Men’s Suits Needed

CAREER GEAR Nice men’s suits and business attire are always in demand. Career Gear helps men get and keep jobs by looking sharp in your donated career clothing. Since 1999, Career Gear has helped thousands of disconnected and underserved job-seeking … Continue reading

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