Cars can be recycled too!

Goodwill We Take Cars signWhat do you do with an old clunker…or an extra vehicle when you’re feeling charitable?


Many people are familiar with Goodwill Industries, but you may not know they also accept cars!  Vehicles are resold at public auction and the revenue is used to fund employment, job training and placement services for thousands of people with disabilities and disadvantages. Goodwill will accept any car in any condition.

There are many other car recycling ideas in our book, Think Outside The Bin.  V-Dac is another favorite, because you can still give to charity, but you are allowed to select the recipient, choosing a non-profit of your choice, even your local church or school.


V-Dac does not solicit your vehicles, but helps you in choosing your favorite charity that will benefit from your donation, you can choose any non-profit of your choice, your church or school or community center. There is no cost to you, the charities will pick up cars within 48 hours and you ultimately receive a tax deduction.

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2 Responses to Cars can be recycled too!

  1. harrisjeff says:

    I personally prefer that old car should be given to children charities. In this way we can get rid of our aged car and get some tax benefits too. Donate car to do your bit for needy and poor children.

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