Aluminum cans bring cash and prizes

Arizona Aluminum Can Mobile

You can also "upcycle" cans into an interesting piece of artwork, like the children did at Countryside Montessori School in Charlotte, NC

When you recycle an aluminum can, it can be processed and back on the shelf in as little as 3-6 weeks!  Aluminum is a high commodity in the recycling world.

Here’s a great idea to get easy cash (or prizes) from your cans:  I met a new friend last week (Lisa H. from Kings Mtn, NC) who told me her husband realized the cash value of aluminum years ago and started a recycling club with his friends and family.  Throughout the year, he collects cans from everyone and takes them to a local scrap yard, where they pay him cash for the aluminum.  The club then throws an annual cookout party, goes to the beach or takes a vacation together to celebrate their combined recycling efforts!  The club is closed to new members due to an overwhelming response, but you can certainly start your own!

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