Did You Know Cooking Oil is Recyclable?

Because of the recent influx of bio-diesel as an alternative to gasoline, used cooking oil is in Cooking oil collection containerdemand. Many jurisdictions have drop-offs, but you need to prepare the oil properly before recycling. First, cool off the oil in the pan and then place it in a clean container with a tight fitting lid, free of water, soap or food scraps.

At Earth 911, you can find a local recycling center that will take used oil plus tips for recycling it. Tossing what seems to be a little bit of kitchen waste in the trash or down the drain can harm wildlife and wreak havoc on local Kitchen grease onlysewage systems.


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1 Response to Did You Know Cooking Oil is Recyclable?

  1. Thank you for providing such an informative piece on recycling. Some may just pour their used cooking oil in the drain but what we do not realize is that is still has a purpose and this is why there are companies who collect it as well as grease.

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