Donate Coloring Books

Children who love to color don’t care if the book is new or not, so there’s never an excuse Donate coloring booksfor throwing these away half filled. Some of us adults even enjoy coloring in times of stress. There’s still joy left in your old coloring books, so share them rather than letting them get trashed.

Donation ideas for unused coloring books where people welcome something to do to pass the time:

  • Children’s hospital waiting room
  • Emergency room waiting areas
  • Social Services waiting room
  • Foster care centers
  • Day care centers
  • After school programs
  • Local food bank
  • Nursing homes (find one at A Place for Mom)

Kate says:

I found out from a friend who has worked in the medical field for years that people love to color while in physical rehabilitation. So they make a great place to donate drawing and coloring supplies. Crayons, coloring books, paper, colored pencils, markers and other related supplies.

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3 Responses to Donate Coloring Books

  1. Great idea I do recycle magazines the same way!

  2. Thank you for this!! I published a couple coloring books recently and I wanted to donate a couple to a good cause!

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