Find Buyers for Sports Collectibles

SPORTS BUYAutographed Picture of Bart Starr

Merchandise that would be considered a collector’s item, such as baseball cards (and all sports cards), vintage balls, autographed items, can be found at Sports Buy, where they can provide an online auction for these types of sports items.

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8 Responses to Find Buyers for Sports Collectibles

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  2. jEANNE OLIVE says:


  3. Chris Buckmaster says:

    I have a 1969 Mets autographed team baseball for sale from a family estate sale. No certificate of authenticity I could find anywhere…have confirmed it is an original ball with original signatures. Want to sell…anyone help?

  4. Jeffrey Ray says:

    I am trying to sell vintage Muhammed Ali signed gloves, picture and original tickets in case of the 1960 Olympics where Muhammed Ali won the Gold Medal. I have two- picture in line with all the boxers and one where he is being awarded the gold medal.

  5. tara miller says:

    I have an 8×10 photo of Roger stabach and my brother in law in I believe the late 1960’s. Where would i sell that? It is not autographed.

  6. Tim says:

    I have a large collection of baseball memorabilia that I’m trying to sell. Where do I look or who do I contact?

  7. Tina Ushman says:

    i am looking to sell my autographed Reggie Jackson 1977 world series press pass from game six he was the MVP. looking to get it authenticated, any suggestions? it was autographed for the camera man that worked for ABC, so there is a story behind it.

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