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Plastic is a bad habit we need to break

WHY SHOULD WE ALL KICK THE PLASTIC HABIT? 1.  A plastic water bottle will not decompose for 500 years or more, maybe never if buried deep and dark in a landfill.  Most bottled water is simply tap water and has … Continue reading

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Help Haiti with donated crutches, chairs and beds

PROJECT C.U.R.E.  At Project C.U.R.E., they collect, sort and distribute medical supplies according to the immediate needs of the world. Your donated crutches, wheelchairs or hospital beds could be used in Hospitals and Clinics in Haiti and other struggling areas … Continue reading

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Serve your community with donated artwork

THE ART CONNECTION  Do you have a piece of art you are ready to donate?  The Art Connection is a nonprofit organization that places donated artwork on the walls of community service organizations. This “museum without borders” inspires creativity, learning … Continue reading

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Building bridges with unwanted medical supplies

MEDICAL BRIDGES  Medical Bridges recovers medical surplus that might otherwise be thrown away into a landfill, and they redistribute it to hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers in less fortunate countries, helping to combat the spread of disease in developing nations. … Continue reading

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Cars among most recycled commodites

Did You Know? Cars are one of the most recycled commodities, according to, and whole cars are not put in landfills. Almost three-fourths of a vehicle is made up of steel and iron and are therefore very valuable and … Continue reading

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Sell, trade or consign musical instruments

MUSIC GO ROUND  Find a local store at Music Go Round that will pay for your old drums or guitars. Just enter your zip code to find a store, then take your instruments in for an on-the-spot estimate, walk out … Continue reading

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Learn about recycling lamps and lights, lumens vs. wattage

LAMP RECYCLE was developed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) as a way to provide businesses and consumers a one-stop resource for recycling lamps. On the home page of the website you can enter your zip code under … Continue reading

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Recycle Car Battery for Cash

Get cash for your old car battery, lawn mower battery, etc. with this Mobile, Alabama organization who accepts them for recycling.  Your AA and AAA batteries bring no cash, but you are welcome to drop them off for proper disposal … Continue reading

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Pizza Parlors going green

GREENBOX Pizza boxes are hard to recycle, so “Think Outside The Bin” on how you can reuse your used boxes.  My local pizza parlor (Cappricio’s in Harrisburg, NC) uses these “GreenBox” pizza boxes, which have recycled content and directions for … Continue reading

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How much is your old clock worth?

COLLECTIBLE CLOCK Your old clock could be a collectible; find out how valuable it is from Collectible Clock. This site teaches you about the different types of collectible clocks, tips for collecting, and how to care for antique clocks.

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