Can you recycle air or water filters?

Did You Know?Air filters

Your Heating and Air Conditioning Filters are important for healthy air quality, but they are not easy to recycle. Check with your local retail supplier to see if they offer a recycling program. You may want to consider a washable filter, or a permanent filter, as they can be reused, saving the problem of disposal.

Water Filters have the same problem. Consider buying a reusable water filter, such as Brita. Brita cartridges can be recycled, so you conserve raw materials, reduce landfill waste and filter your water by using these instead of disposable water bottles. Every Brita cartridge that is recycled saves 102 grams of Carbon Dioxide, a heavy odorless gas that harms the environment.

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5 Responses to Can you recycle air or water filters?

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  4. Jack Bloor says:

    Interesting. But I don’t think BRITA produces HVAC filters.

    Here in 2012, HVAC filters are extremely difficult to recycle. At best, one can recycle the cardboard frames while trashing the foam filters OR mail the entire filters to recycling facilities. But then you’re paying for giant, diesel UPS/Fed-Ex/USPS planes and trucks to deliver the filters to any given recycling destination. Which is worse? The landfill space? Or the diesel fuel burned? I would honestly love to know the real answer, but it’s likely difficult to measure given how the question is posed millions of times from millions of different locations.

    I suppose the best option would be to do what I do with batteries, CFL bulbs, and electronics… I save them up until I have quite a few, then when the local “recycle toxic waste day event” occurs I bring what I’ve saved up to recycle. (but Lowes also takes CFL bulbs for recycling)

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