Serve your community with donated artwork

THE ART CONNECTION Artwork hanging in Presby Matthews Hospital

Do you have a piece of art you are ready to donate?  The Art Connection is a nonprofit organization that places donated artwork on the walls of community service organizations. This “museum without borders” inspires creativity, learning and healing to visitors in the community centers in which the artwork is placed.

Artwork of flowers in vase at hospital

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1 Response to Serve your community with donated artwork

  1. Sarah Berry says:

    Thanks for including us in your blog! What an important resource to both people who believe being responsible with their waste, and for people who want to give their items a second (or third, or fourth…) life. We love giving art a home and have placed over 5,000 works over the past 16 years! We also have a green campaign where our community can opt for an electronic version of our print newsletter, and of course we recycle at the office 🙂
    -The Art Connection Staff

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