Donated sewing supplies help newborns

PREEMIE PROJECTsewing supplies

Ready to retire your sewing supplies?  Your donations could help critically ill infants and their families, at the Preemie Project in Iowa City.  Volunteers make handcrafted booties, hats and blankets for the newborns and deliver them to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. Many supplies are needed, including:  fabric  (think soft cotton, flannels, fleece), thread, ribbon, yarn, glue, etc.  What a great cause for your common household cast-aways and a good way to think outside the bin!

Here is a list of suggested items you can donate to Preemie Project:

  • Flannel (Pastels and Baby Prints)
  • Fleece (Pastels and Baby Prints)
  • Soft cotton blends
  • Thread (White, Black, Pink, Blue, Red, Green and Pastels)
  • Ribbon (Pastel Colors)
  • Memory Boxes, Paint, Glue, Lace, Fabric

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2 Responses to Donated sewing supplies help newborns

  1. Linda Aker says:

    I was thrilled to find this entry. I am a board member for The Preemie Project. We are always looking for supplies to support our meager budget. We also are in need of soft colorful fleece fabric, minimum 18 in length to make soft pads for the tiny babies to lay on and fleece blanket sleepers. But, I must correct where to send theses items. We are a separate organization that gives to the UIHC NICU but we are not a part of UIHC>

    The Preemie Project, PO Box 1310, Iowa City, IA 52244

    Here is list of our donation centers on the website that will hold donations for us until we can come pick them up.

    Thanks so much for getting the word out
    Linda Aker,
    The Preemie Project, workgroup chair.

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