Storing Old Cell Phones Could Be Hazardous

Cell phones and the environmentRECYCLE FREE

Do you have a box or drawer full of old cell phones? According to the Recycle Free website,

Only about 5% of retired mobile phones are currently being recycled. Most are being stored. When deciding what to do with your used mobile phone, please keep in mind that mobile phones contain hazardous substances. We want to spread the word about the dangers of discarded mobile phones, and to encourage all mobile phone owners to recycle their used phones.

Click on the Registration & Re-Order tab to have pre-paid mailing labels sent to your home or office so you can recycle your old mobile phones for free. Pack your phones in your own box, stick a pre-paid label to it and drop it off at any UPS. You can request labels to recycle cell phones and ink cartridges with Recycle Free.

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