Free Stuff on the Web

Free stuffWhether you are looking to get rid of your clutter, or if you need something but can’t afford to buy new, these are some great sites for general, and usually FREE stuff!


Great resource for all kinds of things you don’t want anymore, don’t need anymore, or never liked to begin with. Whether you’re motivated by a natural sense of thrift, an environmental conscience, a desire to help others – or all three – this website is full of resources for what to do with your unwanted items.


They say, “Stop! Before pitching an old treasure, or even an old pair of sneakers, into the waste stream, check to see where it can be reused or recycled by somebody else. Here’s a growing guide to Internet and community resources to help you get started.”


You won’t believe all the FREE stuff people are giving away! Take what you need and throw what you don’t want to others… the items go to U.S. and International charities, businesses and individuals who need them.

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