Drop off old medications


What should you do with old, outdated or no longer needed medications?  Look for local opportunities with your fire department, hazardous waste facility and recycling departments, where you can drop them off for proper disposal.  Always remember to keep them in the original bottle and mark out your personal information!

If you are in the Cabarrus County, NC area, here is a local resource for you on October 8, 2011 from 11:00am to 3:00pm:

This is a “no questions asked” take back program they offer throughout the year called Operation Medicine Drop.

What do they do with these medications?  The Cabarrus County Sherriff’s Department destroys them in the county incinerator free of charge.  Incinerating the drugs is much safer than throwing them away or flushing them into the toilet.

What to do to prepare for Operation Medicine Drop? 

* Clean out your medicine cabinets, travel bags, and other places where medications are stored.

* Keep medications in their original bottles, if possible.

* Mark through the name of the person who received the medication but not the name of the medication itself. (Safe Kids members can also do this for you at the event.)

* Bring your unwanted medications to the event and drop them off at the Cabarrus Safe Kids table.

For questions or comments about Operation Medicine Drop or the Kannapolis Fire Department Open House event, contact Maria Bostian at 704-920-4280.

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