Get a Haircut & Recycle


Even pet hair has a better purpose than filling the landfill: send it to Matter of Trust Hair Mats; they will put it to good reuse. They accept all types of hair, fur, and nylons. They distribute them to areas in need of it, such as helping with emergency oil spills. Join their free and fast database program (Excess Access) on this link and you’ll receive an email from Matter of Trust, listing the warehouses with space to accept your donations.


The U.S. has over 300,000 hair salons and cuts an average of a pound of hair each day. This normally goes into the trash but could be put to important use making oil spill booms!

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1 Response to Get a Haircut & Recycle

  1. Quetzal Joy says:

    Just a note that their website says they are no longer accepting hair, fur and nylons.

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