Foam Rubber Reuse & Recycling

Foam rubber and mattressDID YOU KNOW?

Foam rubber is found in many products from mattresses to furniture to insulation. Disposing of old foam is difficult due to a lack of recycling options.

If you have scraps of foam rubber, check out for creative reuse ideas:

Polyethylene foam (also called PE foam) used to cushion electronics and other products during shipping can be recycled by finding a Recycle PE Foam program:

Find a Styrofoam recycler:

Recycle the components of a mattress and make a bookshelf from the wood strips:–Recycle-a-Mattress-Box-Frame-into-a-B/

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4 Responses to Foam Rubber Reuse & Recycling

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  2. Natalie says:

    The Mustard Seed of Central Florida is a great resource for mattress recycling. They are partnered with St Vincent dePaul in their mission to keep mattresses and other recyclable items out of the landfill.
    Check out their website

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