Stamp Collections Can Be Sold or Donated to Charity

U.S. history depicted in stampsDELCAMPE
Delcampe provides an International Marketplace for Collectors, and 500,000 members buy and sell stamps on their site. Register your stamps, and when a buyer expresses interest, they send you the payment and you ship them the stamps. Delcampe will then get a commission from you for their services.,E,cat,8237,var,Stamps-America-United-States.html

Your donation of stamps and stamp collections go toward supporting the Special Kids Fundraising program, which helps to provide compassionate care for the medically, educationally and developmentally challenged.

At Stamp Domain you will find a complete list of all the stamp auctions in the US, as well as links for the UK and other parts of the world.

For a commission when they are sold, Stamps 2 Go will advertise and list your stamps for sale to other collectors, in a non-auction marketplace environment. You can keep your stamps in the Stamps 2 Go listing database until they are sold, without paying a listing fee.

Locate your local stamp dealers, stamp
clubs and shows and exhibits in the
Stamp Store’s resource tab…this is the American Philatelic Society website, where they will purchase your stamps if you join their membership.

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2 Responses to Stamp Collections Can Be Sold or Donated to Charity

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  2. Karen says:

    Please can you help us pass on the word about our website? Thank you ever so much.

    Charities can make great use of collected postage stamps from all over the world, common and rare, to fundraise, by selling them on to philatelists and collectors.

    Please, visit our website today to find a charity that you would like to support. The website is updated monthly, and new charities are welcome to be added to the list as well.
    Each charity is listed with the address to send donations to, and the date that they last confirmed their details, so that you know how up to date the listing is.

    We are a free, volunteer run directory.
    To add your charity, please send us the name of the charity, a postal address for donations to be sent to, and a few words about what your charity does. Don’t forget to re-confirm with us monthly so that your charity appears near the top of the list.

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