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Guide to Auctions and Auctioneers

If the thought of downsizing and selling off a houseful of possessions has you feeling overwhelmed, consider contacting an auction company to conduct your sale. NATIONAL DIRECTORY OF AUCTIONEERS Find one near you easily. AUCTION GUIDE This is an … Continue reading

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Donate Supplies to Animal Shelters

Find an animal shelter in your area that can make use of your old towels, newspapers, and plastic grocery bags: HUGS FOR HOMELESS ANIMALS H4HA provides a Worldwide Animal Shelter Directory. ADOPT A PET This pet-saving service is funded … Continue reading

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Donate Used Computer Equipment for Reuse

NATIONAL CRISTINA FOUNDATION National Cristina Foundation accepts donated computers and other technology from individuals or corporations.  They match the items you have to donate with a not-for-profit organization in your area, provide for pick up or shipping and provide you with … Continue reading

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Donate to the Teddy Bear Brigade

THE TEDDY BEAR BRIGADE The Teddy Bear Brigade needs your donations of new and gently loved teddy bears and stuffed animals to send them around the world to provide comfort and security to children facing tough situations. The brigade is … Continue reading

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Prison Pen Pals Accepts Magazines and Books

PRISON PEN PALS Prison Pen Pals provides a list of prisons in need of books and magazines for their library.  Even telephone books are needed from all over the country (inmates don’t have access to the phone books, but prison … Continue reading

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E-waste Policies Create Green Jobs and Goodwill

DELL COMPUTERS Dell Computers is a leader in the industry with a strict policy against all e-waste, and They have partnered with Goodwill to create hundreds of “green jobs” and save the environment from toxic waste.  You can drop off … Continue reading

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Discover the Value of Common Household Items

Many items in your home could be worth more than you think… but how do you determine their true market value?  Some of these online appraisers and valuation services could be a great help! ONE OF A KIND ANTIQUES Appraising … Continue reading

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Donate Yoga Mats

BOLDER MAT COMPANY Yoga charities across the United States are in need of your old mat. Consider donating it to Bolder Mat Company’s Renew and Recycle Program. The folks at Bolder Mat have a list on their website (by state) … Continue reading

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Donate Your Body to Science

ANATOMICAL SERVICE Almost anyone can donate their own body to science, thanks to the Anatomical Service. More and more families and individuals are choosing willed body programs, which help save lives by supporting the health sciences. AANA’s Willed Body Program … Continue reading

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Foam Rubber Reuse & Recycling

DID YOU KNOW? Foam rubber is found in many products from mattresses to furniture to insulation. Disposing of old foam is difficult due to a lack of recycling options. If you have scraps of foam rubber, check out for … Continue reading

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