Kids Donations Needed

New baby giftsK.I.D.S.

Donate product, donate money or get involved! If you have new baby gear (items you never used) including clothing, books, toys, media, highchairs, or car seats, will give these items to children living in distressed situations. Over the past 23 years, this organization has donated half a billion dollars worth of new products to help children living in poverty, victims of natural disasters or other hardships.

Kids in Distressed Situations’ (K.I.D.S.) mission is to provide NEW clothing, toys, shoes, baby products, books and more to children and families challenged by poverty, homelessness, domestic abuse, low literacy, military family service, major illness, incarcerated family members, and disaster survival. Over the past 26 years, K.I.D.S. has provided more than 67 million underprivileged and disaster-struck children with over one billion dollars of merchandise, giving these children, and often their entire families, hope and self-esteem through a gift of something BRAND NEW.

K.I.D.S.’ donations are distributed through a network of nearly 1,000 local community social service agencies. With overhead costs consistently at 2.5%, K.I.D.S. is one of America’s most efficient charities and has earned Charity Navigator’s highest rating of four stars.

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