Recycle Fur Coats for Cash


Do you have old fur coats hanging in your closet? At Cash for Fur Coats, they pay cash for your old coat, then use the fur to make home accessories, arts and crafts, pillows and teddy bears.

Complete the online form and a staff member will contact you shortly. Cash For Fur Coats (CFFC) will reimburse all shipping costs to their warehouse if they purchase your coat.

The following information will be required to sell your fur coat:
1. What kind of fur are you selling – mink, fox, sable, beaver, etc and what color?
2. The age of your garment is crucial to understanding possible pelt condition, when you think it might have been purchased, or was it gifted or inherited.
3. Has it received professional fur care each and every summer?
4. What length, style or size of coat are you selling, pictures of the front, back and skin side of the pelts under the lining?

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1 Response to Recycle Fur Coats for Cash

  1. Tatia says:

    My mink cost is ripped is it still worth something??????😭😧😥

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