Recycle Ink and Toner Cartridges

Ink Cartridges

Ink and toner cartridges are hazardous when left to the landfill.

There are many opportunities to recycle them, make some cash and/or help a charity or start a worthwhile fundraising event.  Here are several options to recycle used ink and toner cartridges:


Supply Brothers offers a FREE recycling program for ink and toner cartridges (as well as cell phones and small electronics) as an effort to fulfill their “No Landfill Policy”. They send you the box and the free UPS shipping label, you fill up the box and ship them at no cost.  Even if you have hundreds, they can help.

Free Recycling accepts 150 types of ink cartridges, or you can donate the refund to your favorite non-profit organization or school.  Free shipping if you have over 40.

The nation’s leading online virtual recycling center for inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges, Recycle 4 Charity charges no fees and even picks up the shipping costs for you, as long as you have at least 10 items (they accept old cell phones as well). You can agree to donate your throwaways to one of their worthy charities, or get some cash for your efforts. They also provide a fundraising program to raise some cash for your school or organization, just check the list of qualified items before you proceed.

This is a good place for a business looking for a GREEN INITIATIVE to recycle office supplies like ink cartridges, with free shipping labels you print out and a collection box for your employees.

Get up to $22 each for your old and empty printer ink cartridges. They also have a fundraiser program.

RECYCLE PLACE                                                                                                                Recycle Place will send you a pre-paid shipping label and mail you back the payment at for your used cartridges, just send in a minimum of 10 laser or 30 ink cartridges.

XEROX CORPORATION                                                                                                      Xerox recycles all their products.

All Genuine Xerox Branded Imaging Supply items can be recycled by Xerox. View our Take Back List of single return items for which we fund shipping via our Single Item Returns Program. These single return items include select Used Xerox Cartridges, Waste toner containers, empty toner bottles, fuser modules, and Xerox Branded HP & Brother Replacement cartridges.

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