Donate Food to Food Banks and Pantries

Food pantryAs the holiday season swings into high gear this week, please remember those struggling to feed their families. Food banks count on our donations to make ends meet and the simple act of cleaning out our cabinets and pantries and donating foods we purchased and didn’t eat can help.

The most needed items are: peanut butter, canned meats like tuna, chicken and salmon, soups, pasta, rice, cold and hot cereals (like oatmeal), canned vegetables, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, dried beans, 100% fruit juice, prepared box mixes like mac and cheese and Hamburger Helper, canned and/or dried milk products, and CASH.

Due to health regulations expired canned goods are not accepted. If you find expired foods in your pantry, clean out the ingredients, rinse the can and put in the recycle bin. In the future, try to remember to check your pantry on a quarterly basis—maybe when the seasons change—to use up canned goods prior to their expiration.

Feeding America is a national network of more than 200 food banks
(formerly known as America’s Second Harvest). Food banks provide a
central location for the receiving of donated food and distribution of food and
grocery products to local nonprofits in their communities. (Note: There are
some food banks that are not affiliated with the Feeding America network;
and some food pantries also use the term “food bank” in their names.) To find a food bank or food pantry in your area, please check the national lists at: and

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